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What is Cross Media Marketing?

Cross Media Marketing is using more than one medium to
communicate to the same individual. For example:
  • direct mail
  • email
  • text messages
  • websites
  • twitter

A Cross Media campaign pulls one or many channels together, using a cohesive marketing approach, so the messaging, look and feel of the campaign is consistent across every channel.

For example: a direct mail piece includes a personal URL (PURL). When the recipient types the personalized URL into a web browser, they access a personalized landing page. This is a two-channel campaign, using direct mail and the web.

If we add a QR-code to the direct mail, the code can be scanned with a smartphone. The recipient would then see a mobile-friendly web page. This is a third channel: the mobile phone.

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Why use different channels?

Why is multi-channel communication more effective?

  1. Greater reach
  2. Increased response rate

Customers vary widely in their personal preferences. Characteristics like demographics, age, marital status, disposable income, education, occupation, interests, and geographic location, all influence the kind of communication channel they are most likely to respond to.

Adding channels to your campaign will increase its probable response rate — which is one of the key arguments for using Cross Media campaigns. Many studies show that multiple channels — with different ‘calls to action’ — engage more customers. One reason is that the customers have the opportunity to respond through the channel that they prefer. Another reason is that the message is being reinforced in different ways in each channel. A direct mail piece may feature a photo of a product, but a website or mobile site can offer a 360-degree view or a video.

Cross Media delivers higher results.

Why using different channels? – Some facts

According to print vendors, how much importance is placed on multi-channel marketing nowadays?

What percentage of printers’ customers ask for multi-channel integrated marketing?


of enterprises demand multi-channel integrated marketing from their print service vendor.
Today, more and more customers are discovering the advantages of multi-channel integrated marketing.

Customers do ask their printer for Cross Media!


of print buyers ask their print provider for advice on multi-channel marketing.

Why personalization?

Personalization plays a fundamental role in Cross Media Marketing.

Which three digital-related areas are the top priorities for your organization this year?

Why a direct mail piece?

Direct mail is part of the media mix.

Some people feel that direct mail no longer has an important role. However, there is substantial evidence that including a print piece in a marketing campaign can significantly increase the response rate. According to an Adobe study, companies who introduced a mail component in cross-channel campaigns to improve sales leads reported a 12% increase in responses. Adding a mail component in campaigns to improve new customer acquisition resulted in the same 12% improvement.

Email marketing may be the most cost effective, but it does not have the same response rate, according to the Direct Marketing Association:
  • The response rate of email marketing alone is 0.12%; its ROI is $39.40.
  • The response rate of direct mail is 4.4%; its ROI is $15
Basing a marketing campaign on only one channel is not the way to optimize its investment. For a better ROI, and a stronger response rate, use a variety of different channels.
Email Email + Direct Mail
Sales improved by 45% 57%
Customer acquisition improved by 30% 42%

Direct Mail Email
Response Rate 4.4% 0.12%
Immediate Response Rate 79% 45%
Customers enjoy receiving 59% 43%