Automations & Notifications

Get the right information at the right time

There’s a lot of buzz around the idea of automating analytics.
Imagine a scenario where you have an analysis of sales data for your store’s departments. Each department manager wants a weekly update. Can you get that information without manual intervention? Yes, you can.

With our Automation & Notification Services, you can ensure that each manager gets a sales performance update for their respective departments on a regular basis, with access only to the view that suits their particular needs.

What is Automation and Notification Services?

Automation Services is a tool for running automated analyses, while Notification Services is a programing framework for creating applications that generate and send notifications. These two services enable you to automate creation of analysis files and perform a series of actions.
For example, they can send reports at scheduled intervals, take and save a snapshot of data embedded in your document when certain events occur and, in other situations, trigger an automated action based on a document.

Under the hood, Automation and Notification Services is a standard-based web service usually triggered by a scheduler executing a job. A job is a set of tasks performed each time the analysis runs. While creating a job, there are a number of pre-defined tasks that can be leveraged, but Automation Services can also be easily extended with other tasks in addition to those included.

In a nutshell, ePost's Automation and Notification Services provide the tools necessary for automating TIBCO Spotfire without user interaction or a visible user interface. It enables the delivery of updated information to the right people, in the right format, at the right time.

Key Capabilities

  • Web Service for Executing Batch Jobs: Send reports and e-mails, segregate views of an analysis, and execute many other actions in an automated fashion.
  • Set of Common Pre-built Tasks: While creating jobs, choose from a number of pre-defined tasks (e.g.: apply bookmarks, save analysis to library, send e-mail, etc.) that are available out of the box to build automated jobs.
  • API (Aplication Programing Interface) for Developing Custom Tasks: Add custom tasks via the developer SDK (Software Development Kit).


  • Improves Productivity: Automates the production, personalization, and distribution – no manual effort involved. Automation Services can also be leveraged to trigger an automated action that orchestrates an end-to-end process based on a Spotfire document.
  • Engenders Proactivity: Automates notifications via e-mail containing relevant information to encourage prompt action.
  • Supports Personalized Insights: Personalizes pre-configured Spotfire analytic applications with a parameterized subset of data relevant to a specific audience of end users.